Vacuum Systems – the advantages

Vacuum is a long established alternative to gravity and pumped drainage systems and In comparison to conventional sewer systems, a vacuum sewer system provides major advantages in the following applications:

  • Existing residential area with septic tanks
  • Development of new residential areas
  • Sewer systems located near lakes, rivers, coastlines and flood plains
  • Flat terrain
  • Opening up weekend facilities or recreational establishments (highly variable wastewater flows)
  • Rolling hills with small elevation changes
  • High groundwater table
  • Unfavorable soil conditions e.g. sand, rock, risk of soil settlements (ground subsidence)
  • Sewer rehabilitation

Vacuum sewer systems offer distinct advantages to residents/ homeowners as well as to developers & operators:

  • Lower construction costs
  • Considerably shorter construction periods
  • Minimal installation depth of the pipelines in narrow and shallow trenches
  • Small pipeline diameters ranging from 4 in to 10 in (d90 – d250)
  • Flexible system layout
  • Easy to install pipelines around obstacles
  • Drinking water and vacuum mains can be laid in a common trench where local codes allow
  • Closed system – no leakage or odour
  • No exfiltration –
  • No infiltration – less upsets at the treatment plant
  • One central vacuum station can replace several pumping stations
  • Flood-proof – Vacuum systems can prevent flood waters entering the sewer system meaning that the sewers still operate if the area is flooded.
  • Simple and cost-effective operation and maintenance
  • Electricity only required at 1 location; no electricity required at the collection chamber/ valve pit
  • Phasing of large service area easily accomplished
  • Somewhat independent of topography
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